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​General Primers:


One of the best ways to learn about disinformation is to follow the disinformation detectives. Below are Twitter accounts worth following -- it's worth getting a Twitter account just to follow these accounts:

This is a link to a Twitter list that includes these accounts. Follow this list and then access this list to always get the latest on what people who are expert at disinformation are talking about. This is an easy way to follow them all and stay tuned in.

On Twitter

Renee DiResta - Make it Trend Make it True (2019) - video


Eli Pariser - Beware online "filter bubbles" (2011) - video

Tristan Harris - How a handful of tech companies control billions of minds every day (2017) - video. Bonus: To better understand the effect that social media is having on our culture, check out The Center for Humane Technology, for which Tristan is a Founder, and particularly the Ledger of Harms.

Educator Resources

Below are resources that are cited in the Disinformation Literacy Primer for Educators. Please note that many of these resources also have valuable resources that are worth checking out.