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We the People - Share the real thing

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Looking for information about the We the People March that's planned for September 21st?

Visit the real thing.

There is a look-alike Facebook page for the upcoming march that's making the rounds. The false page is a top result in searches, and it is currently the top result when searching Facebook. The look-alike page has 750+ followers and has prompts for easy sharing with others.

The origin of the look-alike page is not clear. It has come to our attention as the graphics and overall approach are similar to those used by those who are attempting to infiltrate groups. We are seeing numerous false Indivisible and "resister" accounts and those numbers are likely to increase heading into 2020.

False accounts are an easy way for malevolent actors to infiltrate subgroups. In fact, this is how Russian trolls cultivate communities and plan and execute rallies that happened on the ground in the United States.

When searching or sharing, take a second look. Make sure you're sharing the real thing.

Here is the real Facebook event listing:

Here is the look-alike Facebook page:

What are some of the telltale signs that the page is a look-alike?

The graphics. The page graphics are generic. The logo is not original, and is found on 94 other locations on the web. A quick reverse image search on TinEye shows the other locations where the logo image can be found.

Polarizing content. The content is divisive and polarizing, not appropriate for a page that purports to be about planning for an event. While the discussion posts pick up on topics that are not uncommon for a resistance-oriented audience, they target the emotions. The intention is to get the viewer's attention, appeal straight to anger and outrage. Further, looking through the discussion post, the topics are disparate and there is minimal mention of the event itself.

What to do?

Report it. As this is is a page that is not associated with the actual event, is a look-alike for the actual event, and posting polarizing content it is within reason to report it.

Reporting a page on Facebook is easy, though reporting it doesn't necessarily mean the page will be taken down.

  1. Go to the three dots just to the right of the Create Fundraiser button.

  2. Click on the last item, "Find Support or Report Page"

  3. Next you will see a popup where you identify the reason for reporting. Select "Inaccurate Info" and then "Misleading Page Name Change ". Then press "Send"

Unfortunately, reporting a page does't necessarily mean Facebook will remove it. The more people reporting the page, the greater the chance it will be addressed.